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Morning Garden

The Azalea Mountain Morning Garden is a Parent-Child Program for families with young children who are looking for community and connection in their parenting journey. The parent-child group offers a wonderful bridge between the child’s early life at home and their future entry into school.

Nursery & Kindergarten

Fostering the magic of childhood builds a foundation for creative and flexible thinking later in life. In this warm, loving, and beautiful environment, the children are given a range of activities and structure that prepares for later academic excellence. Nursery is for children ages 2.5 through 4 years old. Kindergarten program for ages 3.5–6.5 years old. An extended day is available for 5–6.5 year olds.

Grades 1-4

From ages seven to fourteen, children learn best through their imaginations. Our curriculum is inspired by Waldorf Education. In the Waldorf approach to education, knowledge is presented through activities which capture and enliven children's imaginations and channel their abundant energy in a disciplined and creative way. The arts are integrated into the entire academic curriculum, including math and science. The Waldorf curriculum helps both intellectual and creative development and generates an inner enthusiasm for learning. Our Grades Teachers move up through the grades with their students.