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Choosing a school for your child is a particularly important decision and we are delighted that you are exploring Asheville Waldorf School. To assist in the decision process, we offer a number of ways for your family to learn about our school and to see if our Waldorf curriculum resonates with your family’s values.  Our small group tours, open houses, observation mornings, festivals, talks and events throughout the year offer opportunities for you to learn if Asheville Waldorf is the right fit for your family.

Below you will see the specific steps necessary to apply, organized based on the child’s stage of development. You may submit an application at any time during the school year. We have an open enrollment policy, which means that when space becomes available, the school will immediately fill it from the waiting pool. Re-enrollment for current students opens March 1st. We begin accepting new candidates for the fall term March 15.

Parent-Child Enrollment

Please fill out our online Parent-Child Class application.  Once submitted, you will receive an invoice for the $25 application fee. When the fee is received, we will contact you about spaces in our upcoming sessions.

You can view our current Morning Garden offerings here.

Asheville Waldorf School accepts application fees and other payments via Paypal

 0r you can mail a check to Asheville Waldorf School, 27 Balm Grove Ave, Asheville, NC 28806. 

Early Childhood Enrollment (Nursery and Kindergarten)

  • 2, 3 and 4 Day Seedling Nurseries  – Children must be 2 years old by September 1, 2018.
  •  4-Day Nursery – Children must be 3 years old by September 1st, 2018. 
  • 5-Day Kindergarten, Half and Full Day – Children bust be 3 and 6 months old by September 1st, 2018. 

1. Submit an inquiry and sign up for a tour.

2. If the family needs more information a parent may come to the classroom for an observation day. The teacher will contact the prospective parent about setting a date and time for the observation day.

3. The application for admissions is submitted through TADS.

* If the class you are applying for is full, your application will be placed in our Waiting Pool. Once a space opens, the admissions process will continue.*

4. The teacher schedules an interview with the prospective family.

5. The teacher communicates the status of the prospective student’s acceptance. If the student is accepted then the family continues into Enrollment.

6. The family logs onto TADS to complete Enrollment.

7. The Tuition Agreement is prepared and emailed to the family. They electronically sign the Tuition Agreement.

8. A home visit scheduled in which the teacher comes to the home to spend some one on one time with the student.

Grades Enrollment (Grade 1-6 for 2018-2019)

1. Submit an inquiry and sign up for a tour.

2. If the family needs more information, a one on one meeting between the teacher and the family is arranged.

3. The application for admissions through TADS is submitted.

4. The prospective student attends class for a three-day trial. The teacher reviews the trial and makes a decision on acceptance. If the child is accepted then the family continues on into Enrollment.

5. The family logs onto TADS to complete Enrollment.

6. The Tuition Agreement is prepared and emailed to the family by the Enrollment Coordinator. The family electronically signs the Tuition Agreement.

Enrollment Policy
All applications are thoroughly reviewed, and acceptance into each program is made based on application dates, child’s age and developmental needs, parental support/interest in the Waldorf educational philosophy, and status of toilet training (for Early Childhood classes). Acceptance priority is given to current students and their siblings, children of Waldorf teachers and staff, and students transferring from other Waldorf schools.

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