Parent-Child Program

A class for parents, caregivers and the children they love

Parent Child Education Waldorf AshevilleOur morning garden program is a sanctuary for parents, caregivers and their young children from birth to three and a half years old. Morning Garden is an early childhood education program that offers an essential bridge between the child’s early life at home and their first entry into school. This program answers the call of families, offering support and companionship in the early years of parenting.

Morning Garden strives to create a nurturing, rhythmical environment for children as well as for parents. Parents deepen their own intuitive knowledge, discover new ways of being with their children and explore the joys and challenges of raising young children. Through stories and song, indoor and outdoor play, simple adult crafts and the sharing in a healthy snack, we will create a wholesome environment that weaves a community of support.

In the Morning Garden program some topics we may discuss are:

  • How young children learn through imitation
  • The importance of warmth and sleep
  • How finding and creating rhythm in the home helps the child feel secure
  • Care and protection of the senses in the child’s early years
  • The young child’s need to move and play freely within safe and consistent boundaries lovingly provided by their caregivers
  • How children’s play is their work and is essential to their development
  • How connecting play to the seasons of the year encourages a love and respect for the Earth

New for 2019-20 school year

NEW Bridge Class

In this class, the child begins in the fall with their parent similar to our Parent-Child Class. In this class, parents and children will share songs, circle time, indoor play/outdoor play, child/adult crafts, a healthy snack and a puppet play.  In the New Year (2020), the parent gradually phases out of the classroom, and the child continues on with their teachers in the same rhythm until the end of the school year. This class supports children and adults as a ‘bridge’ from Parent-Child class to be ready to attend school the following fall.  Children must be 2 years old by January 1st, 2020. Wednesdays 9:30-11:30. You will need to apply through our TADS portal for this class. 

Fall 2019 dates coming soon!
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