Financial Aid 2014-2015

Azalea Mountain School strongly believes that a healthy classroom is one that has children from a variety of economic backgrounds. To that end, the School makes available a limited amount of financial aid to families of demonstrated need and within the limits of our budget. If you believe that a lack of funds would determine whether or not your child could attend our program, we encourage you to apply for financial aid. You may apply for aid anytime after submitting your application for enrollment. Financial assistance is considered separately from the admissions process.

We use TADS, a nationally recognized education service, to evaluate a family’s financial situation. This ensures your privacy as well as an objective evaluation. TADS will charge you a non-refundable fee of $39 for this service.


For the 2014-2015 Academic Year

The deadline for financial aid applications is June 1, 2014. By this date, all supportive documentation must be delivered to TADS. Financial aid awards will be made between July 15-30. First tuition payments are due August 5, 2014. Full tuition will be charged for families who do not have financial aid.

Financial aid is available only for 5 the day kindergarten and for the grades.

Steps For Applying for Financial Aid:

  1. To begin your application, click on the button below to gain access to the TADS service.
  2. Complete the Financial Aid application on TADS and supply all requested documentation to TADS by US mail.
  3. Thereafter you will receive a letter from Azalea Mountain showing adjusted tuition.
  4. Select tuition within the adjusted range and sign tuition agreement.
  5. Complete Billing Agreement on TADS.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for the process to be completed.


TADS Financial Aid Application


If you have a question, click here to email our Enrollment Coordinator or call the school office at 828.575.2557.