Support Azalea Mountain

The 2013 Azalea Mountain Giving Campaign

“Here we meet with new resolve to make our deeds all deeds of love, which link the Earth with Heaven above.”(W. Mueller)

Azalea Mountain is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and depends upon the generous support from each family and the community in the form of tuition, gifts, and volunteer hours. Your tax-deductible, contribution to the Giving Fund helps to fill the gap in the operating budget and pay for equipment, facilities and utilities, and faculty and staff salaries.Your generous support ensures that Azalea Mountain School will continue to grow and thrive in the coming year. Together we are creating something very special for our children and for future generations–a place where each individual can realize his and her full potential through goodness, beauty and truth.

Every contribution of any size makes a difference.

When you participate in this nourishing community, you help ensure a stable learning environment for generations to live wisely and lovingly on Earth.  Generous tax-deductible donations are necessary to meet the gap between program fees and expenses.Your generosity models striving for highest good to the children and deeply informs their path.

  • $50 supplies plants for our gardens
  • $100 helps a teacher purchase art supplies for the classroom
  • $250 supports a month at Sacred Mountain Sanctuary for our grades students
  • $500 provides classroom furniture and materials for two children
  • $1000 sends one teacher to his/her summer training intensive
  • $2500 begins our playground construction
  • $7500 gives a deserving child one year of an education to last a lifetime
  • $50,000 is a lead gift that founds and grounds the school.
  • Donors 2010-2012

    We offer our deep thanks to our donors who have contributed to the creation of Azalea Mountain School.

    $1 – $99
    Maria Allen
    Nicole Almeida
    Meg Anderson
    Emily Ankeney
    Adrienne Araujo
    Arielle Bahmuller
    Shannon Baker
    Corey and Joy Black
    Katherine Blackburn
    Robert and Faye Boyd
    The Christian Community
    Laura Coleman
    Liz Cox
    Cathi and Tom Durham
    Margaret Emmanuel
    Margaret Gove
    Tiffany and Temple Gunter
    Carol and Charles Hattaway
    Cody Hughey
    Ben and Joy Kennedy
    Patricia Kirtley
    Dawn Lange
    Mary Long
    Julie Ludvigsen
    Ashley Masters
    Jennifer and Jackie Maupin
    Melissa Mulroy
    Victoria Patridge
    Rae Patton
    David and Carol Penninga
    Traci Potillo
    Cathy and Cline Pyatt
    Sara Penninga-Travis
    Alice Redrick
    Robert and Rachel Russell
    Rob and Llaya Solder
    Jaydee Sperry and Alex Webb
    Slater and Nikki Solomon
    Todd and Sonya Stone
    Dana Toepper
    Reuben Travis
    Geoff Williams and Austen Sandifer
    Candence Wood
    Jennifer and Chris Work
    Shalene Hill-Wyrick
    ACF Technologies
    Richard and Ruth Coleman
    Michelle Corbett
    Matt Corzine and Lyndi Hewitt
    Joseph and Sherry Crowe
    Todd Crowe
    Marie Davis
    Stanley and Nancy Davis
    Brenda Dobashi
    Patrick and Caroline Duncan
    Patricia Hart
    Doug and Lenka Hattaway
    Franklin and Suzanne Hill
    Joanna Janes and Stephen Kilekas
    Scott Lamb
    Jonathan and Septimbor Lim
    Joe and Laura Lewellin
    Deborah Luther
    Christa MacBeth
    Janet Masters
    Robert and Suzanne Mays
    Lyn McFarland
    Linda McKinnis and Craig Siska
    Wagner Parente
    Katherine Powell
    Kate Reese
    Bob and Judy Reeves
    Jeff and Juli Reeves-Smith
    JA Schoneman
    Grace Singingheart
    Janet Terwillinger
    Andrea Warren
    Judy Welder
    Nancy West
    Melinda White
    $500 – $999
    Tracy Diefenbach
    Robert and Elizabeth Gilbert
    Mona Lax
    Henry and Judy McKay
    Elizabeth McKay-Gilbert
    Julie McMahon
    John Schaefer
    The Vesica Institute
    $1,000 and Above
    Amy Arrendell
    Charlotte Arrendell
    Alan and Maggie King
    Ruth Lawrence
    Bruce Mason
    Michael Mason
    Kerri Palz
    Sharon Price