Michaelmas 2013
Michaelmas is a time for remembering summer and getting ready for the shorter days of autumn and the cold days of winter. Michaelmas calls upon us to strengthen our resolve to replace the loving warmth that summer once provided.

Michaelmas at Azalea Mountain School is a fun time with a picnic, an obstacle course to hone our resolve, presentations by the grades: this truly hones the resolve, memory, and presence of mind of the children who must step forth and offer their best to the rest of the community.

We hope you enjoy our memories of this fine day.

The Procession Begins

  • The procession begins
  • After the song, and before the veil is lifted, anticipation is at its height
  • Meeting the dragon
  • In the fairy tale, first the young soul must leave his family
  • For a child with imagination, even simple puppets evoke awe and wonder
  • Our older children, not jaded, have full use of their imagination


The Obstacle Course

While fun, our obstacle course was just challenging enough that our hearty adventurers had to stay focused, and occasionally, move through a slightly scary moment.

  • A view of the obstacle course
  • Entering the tunnel of darkness
  • Even if it was so scary - it's still good to come out the other side
  • Shakey Bridge -- maybe it's not scarey, but it's weird to have the ground so uncertain under your feet.
  • It's a long way down
  • The older children, more confident in their limbs, look for an additional challenge
  • Stilts -- much harder than it looks
  • It takes careful preparation
  • And maybe some divine help as well
  • If you want to cross, keep your focus
  • ...and keep on moving
  • Keep a steady aim on that dragon
  • and add a little body english as well.

Class Presentations and Crafts

Even through the children have rehearsed the presentations many times, it is always unnerving to have to get up and present them in public. You have one chance to get it right, and that takes courage and presence of mind.
Crafts – they are all fun – but matter is challenging stuff to shape according to what you imagine: the children have to call on their will and persistence to complete the project.

  • Grades first and second
  • Grades fifth and sixth
  • A craft project takes forethought, patience persistence -- how to educate head, heart and hands
  • Still, matter can be stubborn
  • Very stubborn
  • Always lots of free advice and sage suggestions around the cider press
  • A job well-done has a satisfaction like no other