Reenrollment 2014-2015

Welcome back families. We look forward to having you be part of the Azalea Mountain Community again.

  1. Please be reminded that no family can return to start a new school year that still has outstanding debts from the previous year.
  2. To re-enroll – go to your account at TADS, select year Fall 2014 – Spring 2015 and review your child’s information. Complete or change any sections that need updating.
  3. Pay your Enrollment Fee for 2014-15 to TADS, for the appropriate grade your child is entering.
  4. If you make this payment by March 31st your current tuition rate will apply to the new school year. If you have a program change for example, moving from 3 day KG to 5 day KG your proportional rate will have already been adjusted.
  5. Families who miss this March 31st deadline will need to re-apply for financial aid for 2014-15 if that is applicable to them. These families should start new financial aid applications as soon as possible, and submit all documentation to TADS, by latest April 15 in conjunction with the supply of their Tax returns.
  6. Once the Enrollment section is complete, and you have paid your Enrollment fee, TADS will send you a confirming email and invite you to “set up” your new Tuition Agreement in the TADS system, by choosing your schedule of payments and electronically signing your agreement.
  7. Be sure to complete the Financial Aid process in time to start the new school year. We strongly recommend that re-enrolling families complete their applications and have their new tuition agreement “set up” before the end of the current school year. This also allows our administrative team time to work with new families over the summer break.
  8. If you have any questions, please email or call Maggie King 352-978-5928.