Tuition • Program Fees

2014-2015 Program Fees

The founder of Waldorf Education, Rudolf Steiner, emphasized the importance of viewing school tuition not as a transaction to purchase a commodity, but as a contribution to provide a stable environment in which true learning can take place. We contribute to the co-creation of our school in many ways — program fees, fundraising contributions, volunteer support, and through spreading the word about our programs.

Tuition 2014-2015

Program Annual Tuition Per Month over
10 Months*
Morning Garden n/a $240 + $35 supply fee for 8 week session
Kindergarten: 2 day $2300 $230
Kindergarten: 3 day $3400 $340
Kindergarten: 5 day Morning $5400 $540
Kindergarten: 5 day
Full Day
ages 5–6½
$7500 $750
Grades: 1–5 $7600 $760
Middle School $7800 $780
After School Program Contact us for more information.

*Payment Plans: Families have the option to pay tuition in one, two, or 10 payments. The ten-installment plan incurs an additional fee of $45.

Additional Fees

Application Fee: $75 per family (one-time, non-refundable).

Admissions Fee: $175 per child for Nursery programs and Kindergarten 2 or 3 day program. $200 per child for Kindergarten 5 day programs and Grades. (one-time non-refundable administrative set-up fee)

Enrollment Fee: $200 for each child in Nursery programs and Kindergarten 2 or 3 day program; $275 per child for Kindergarten 5 day or Grades. This fee includes supplies, maintenance, and administrative fees.

Other Fees: Parents may be asked to periodically pay additional fees for books, instrument rental, field trips, special projects and other such items. Student accounts will also be charged for the cost of damages to, or loss of school property (except normal wear and tear).

Tuition Reductions

Sibling Discount: Azalea Mountain School offers a discount of 10% for second and subsequent children for families otherwise paying full tuition. Discount is applied to the younger sibling’s tuition. This discount does not apply to children in Morning Garden or Kindergarten programs.

Financial Aid: Azalea Mountain School can offer some tuition support for families unable to pay the full tuition. Applications are available through TADS (AMS Financial Aid). TADS charges $39 (non-refundable) to evaluate your application.


If you have a question, click here to email our Enrollment Coordinator or call the school office at 828.575.2557.