Our Board and Administration serve as the head of our school. Together they maintain the organization and strategy of Asheville Waldorf School through stewarding financial and legal responsibilities and the day-to-day operations.

The Board of Directors is comprised of parents, faculty and community members. The Board meets the first Tuesday of every month at 3:30. Each meeting is open to the community. You may contact for more information.

Azalea Mountain School Board of Directors

  • Lee Heyne, Board President
  • Kerry Dontchos, Vice President 
  • Molly Hernon, Secretary
  • Phil Tucker, Parent Representative 
  • Jenn Garrett, School Administration, Community Representative 
  • Elizabeth Hromada, Faculty Representative
  • Elizabeth McKay, Parent Representative
  • Judy McKay, Community Representative
  • Sharon Price, Community Representative
  • Austen Sandifer, Community Representative
  • Amanda Seta, Parent Representative
  • Nikki Shoneman, Parent Representative

Azalea Mountain School Administration

School Administrator

Jennifer Garrett


As the School Administrator, Jennifer serves in many capacities to ensure Asheville Waldorf School functions in a healthy way. She is one of the first faces parents meet as she works daily in our school office. Jenn serves on the Board of Directors, the Leadership Team, the Business Committee, and the Fundraising Team. She received her BS from University of Florida and her NC Teaching Licensure from UNCA. In April of 2015, she attended a year-long program for Waldorf Administration and Leadership Development program, at Antioch University. Jenn is the mother of two beautiful daughters and enjoys raising chickens, baking, gardening, and camping.

You may contact Jenn at

Faculty Coordinator

John Cunningham

John Cunningham has been involved in Waldorf education since 1979, initially as a founding parent of a little Waldorf school on Orcas Island. He became a class and woodworking teacher in southern Oregon in 1986after his Waldorf training at Emerson College. While teaching, he was also active in the AWSNA Delegates’ Circle and Western Regional Committee where he visited and mentored developing schools. In 2000, he trained with Marshall Rosenberg in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and became a certified trainer. Over the last seventeen years, while traveling and training throughout the world, he has forged a conceptually practical bridge between NVC and anthroposophy. In 2010, he trained with Dominic Barter in Restorative Circles, a community-based alternative response to conflict; he longs to empower individuals to co-creatively transform conflict into resilient community. John is a social artist; he brings warmth, humor and new ways to explore the human encounter. He and his wife, Cat, are delighted to join the Asheville Waldorf School community.

Enrollment Coordinator

Brita Nordgren Wolf


Brita attended the Emerson Waldorf School in Chapel Hill, NC from preschool-8th grade, where her mother also taught. Ever grateful for the opportunity to experience Waldorf Education first hand, she is a passionate advocate for Waldorf Education and strives to help new and returning families connect with AWS through her role as the school’s Enrollment Coordinator. Brita holds a BA in Art History from the University of North Carolina at Asheville and studied furniture design and woodworking at Capellagården in Sweden.  Brita is a mother of two young daughters, both of which attend Asheville Waldorf School. She enjoys baking, sewing, carving spoons and spending as much time outdoors with her family as she can.

You may contact Brita at

Business Manager

Helene Lafferty Smith

Helene comes to us from Norway.  She has a Masters in Business and Economics from the Norwegian School of Management, and an MSc in Sustainable Development from the University of Utrecht.  Before moving to Asheville, she lived and worked in developing countries in Africa and Asia.  Helene is committed to Waldorf education and watches her daughter and son thrive at Asheville Waldorf School. As the Business Manager at Asheville Waldorf School, she is dedicated to making sure that the school’s financial needs are met while preserving the flexibility for the school to thrive and grow.  Helene enjoys a regular program of hard exercise and has a new found love for knitting.

You may contact Helene at 

Office Coordinator

Anne Asplin

Anne has a BFA from The University of Montana and a BS from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. She and her husband fulfilled their dream of moving to Asheville shortly after they were married in 2004. Anne was first introduced to Waldorf Education when she attended the Parent/Child Class, “Morning Garden”, at Azalea Mountain School with her daughter Grace in 2012. Since then she has been homeschooling following Waldorf traditions. In 2015, her husband received a job offer that took the family to Knoxville, TN. While there Anne joined a few homeschooling co-ops where she volunteered her time and held positions on the Steering Committee of one. In 2018, her family received the opportunity to move back to Asheville where Anne brought her experience from working in administrative roles in different homeschooling coops to Asheville Waldorf School. She enjoys going to see live music, hiking, knitting, and other handwork. 

School Caretaker

Davey Bar-Shimon

Davey Bar-Shimon is a world traveler who is delighted to call Asheville his home. From his infancy on an Israeli kibbutz to his time studying Outdoor Education and Appalachian Music at Warren Wilson College, he strives to live in and create a positive, inclusive community wherever his feet are planted. His interest was first piqued by Waldorf education after seeing his nephews and nieces attending a Waldorf-inspired daycare in Iowa called Singing Cedars.

Davey has a varied work background that includes volunteering at a Camphill Community for Adults in Ireland, building off-the-grid strawbale homes for a community land trust on Lopez Island, Washington, and working with rescued wolves at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in New Mexico. He has worked professionally in gardening and landscaping for 5 years and has a strong passion for edible landscaping. His hobbies include but are not limited to, crossing the globe in search of the finest hot springs, wild foraging, archery, and petting his awesome cat Mochi. He just joined the ranks with many others in being the proud father of his first child. 

Educational Support Administrator

Deborah Dornemann

Deborah Dornemann is a loving and enthusiastic Waldorf Teacher.  She is devoted to creating a sense of wonder and awe through storytelling, movement, singing, speech, and art: “every moment is an opportunity to find the beauty and goodness that exists within each of us and the world around us.” Ms. Dornemann has her Masters degree in Waldorf education, and her Waldorf teaching certification. She has many years of teaching experience in all grades with children of varying gifts and challenges. She has her Orton Gillingham training and has worked for the past three years as a Learning Support Specialist.

Deborah and her husband, Rainer, share five beautiful children and two grandchildren. Deborah enjoys homemaking, puppetry, crafts, being in nature, and travel.

Educational Support Director

Carole Hanlein 

bio coming soon