Mood of the Fourth Grade

Mood of the Fourth Grade

The child comes into his own

Carolina ChickadeeThe world grows immense, with so many things to behold
The fourth grader has accomplished the thorny transition of the Nine-year-change and is ready to learn more about the world than what his immediate environment can show him. So the Fourth Grade Curriculum teaches him geography by first having him make maps of his bedroom, his home, and his classroom. Then they map where their home is in relationship to the school, the town, and on to his state and neighboring states. All this is to further grounding the child on earth and in life. Of particular importance is to make the geography lessons lively through warm, enthusiastic, and beautiful descriptions of the land. The type of vegetation present in a region, what sort of products come from there, of course the rivers, lakes, mountains and other features of the terrain all make the geography lesson fascinating. This can be supplemented by reading travel books to the children.

State Seal
Lessons also include a simple form of biology where the form and functions of humans and animals are introduced. In English, grammar work covers the tenses and parts of speech.

In maths, fractions are introduced, using all four processes; measurements, area work is continued and in form drawing Celtic knot work in particular is explored.

New to the Fourth Grade is the introduction of Norse Mythology. Unlike the god of the Old Testament, immortal and omnipotent, the gods of the Norse Myths have many foibles, make errors, can be mischievous, outright devious, become jealous or angry. Yet, in order to uphold their honor, they also feel bound to make right any wrongs inflicted. The fourth grader, (over)confident in his own abilities, will recognize his own short comings in the Norse Myths, and so will find the strength to make right the results of his errors.

fractions through geographyFractions are real in geography
celtic knotForm drawing brings grace and control

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