Grades 3 and 4 – Year 2013-2014
For year 2013-14, Todd Crowe will be teaching a combined Third and Fourth Grade

Grade 3 and 4 Overview

Todd CroweTodd Crowe
This year my class will enter into the Third Grade Curriculum by first touring through creation stories of the world. Then, through the Hebrew stories, humanity is introduced to the Earth. Finally, once on the Earth, we must learn to work with it, creatively. Then the curriculum turns towards a functional, yet colorful, study of farming, housebuilding, weight/measure, parts of speech, time and money.

The Fourth Grade Curriculum compliments those subjects and follows with studies of man and animal, local geography, formal grammar and Norse mythology (a mythology where the time of the gods comes to an end). The humor of the Norse myths truly compliment the silliness that tends to mark fourth grade. Also, the finality of the Norse myths speaks to the students transition from the dreamy nature of childhood into the new territory of adolescence. The fourth grade curriculum also includes fractions; which suddenly speak very clearly to the students.

Gardening scene
While the above topics are presented in the Main Lesson Block, for the rest of the day, the class will work on: mental arithmetic, the four processes of arithmetic, memorizing the times tables, basic grammar, co-ordination exercises (set to poems and songs), speech exercises, recorder playing, drawing, handwriting and reading. Also, each class has weekly painting lessons. The material of each subject/grade is mirrored in the Spanish, Handwork, Movement and Music lessons.